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Computer Hacking

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Computer hacking

Currently it is getting popular that electronic transactions are used for personal and business purposes such as email and bank transfer and retaining confidential information is also used by computers, but at the same time computer hacking has become a serious issue at same time.

The original meaning of Ð'ЃghackerÐ'Ѓh is different from one which we are using now. The original one can be defined as a person who has expertise of programming and computer but currently the original meaning is getting fade away and negative meaning as invasion of computer or exploiting of system by unauthorized access or sending virus to other has become more common. This negative meaning is originally called as cracking.

The computer crime has been one of the serious social issues since 1970s, which is the computer had begun to form network and ARPANET, the precursor of internet, was released.

Classification of hacking

The hacking can be classified into two types mainly in terms of purposes. The first one is that the crime, which is activities realized as crime in the society, is done using a computer to steal data and private information such as customer information and confidential data of company. The second is that the invasion of computer system for just fun. This is also crime but different from the first one because the first one is activities which have criminal purposes such as stealing data or private information. The purposes for this type are to express hackersÐ'Ѓf opinions such as political issues.

And also both of them can be categorised by the methods. The first one is invasion other computer system and destruction of other system and websites. The second is not a direct attack to other computer system. This is done by sending virus to others through email. The purpose is to make someoneÐ'Ѓfs information or data spread out automatically. The virus can enter someoneÐ'Ѓfs computer system and destroy its functions.

Impact on society

The computer hacking is one of the most concerning issues surrounding current society because the personal information is getting more important factors which we should protect. There are strong impacts on society which are caused by computer hacking.

Firstly, on the business aspect, when the hackers violated the companyÐ'Ѓfs websites or invaded its system by unauthorized access to steal its confidential information such as customer information or patent information, the company can not keep its business normally and its



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