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Computer Hacking Crime

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Computer Crime 

Hackers are the individuals with lots of computer smarts and knowledge but this term has become a threat due to the existence of true computer criminals. Hackers are the people who create fake accounts and destroy or change files. They have invaded websites and put unnecessary jokes on them which has become their main task where they think those activities as mere pranks.  

Family- Based Groups

In some societies family has been recognized as the most important group of people who live within a society. Recognition of each individual’s would be mainly rely on their family’s wealth and status than considering on their individual achievements. In countries like China and Southern Italy, families take care their own. As a result of this companies have become more eligible to be succeed with the presence of their relatives than existence of people who are not related.

Alcoholism and the Learning Model

Alcoholism is more likely to occur in the societies which prohibits children to drink but it is agreed for adults to get drunk within the countries like Ireland. In contrast the countries like France and Greece teach children how to drink responsibly. However, in cultures with low rates of drunkenness adults drink and also they introduce kids to be drunk at the family dinner table. But alcohol does not say that a person who get use to drink becomes a grown-up or as a big man further, anyone who gets the habit of drinking cannot be laughed at the people who are not drinking.  



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