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Communications Technology On Dale Fatherlings Speech

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Essay Preview: Communications Technology On Dale Fatherlings Speech

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In the speech Dale Featherling talks about communications technology. Some of the things that Dale Feartherling mentions are cell phones, pagers, faxes, ad ipods. All though these things help people in our modern life Dale featherling thinks that cell phones distract people. Phones can be very dangerous for the people who are drivig.

Dale Featherling gave a good example on communications technolgy appropriateness when he talked about his friend. A friend of Dale Featherling's took his girlfriend on a date to watch the sunset. Meanwhile a rude man is talking very loudly on his phone about closing a business deal. Some people dont like being disturbed by phone calls or pagers. But then again if a couple is on a romantic date who would want to be disturbed. like Dale Featherling mentions in his speech he does not like to hear his phone most of the time. Dale Featherling perfers to listen to the founten in his backyard or his cats purring. He is a writer and likes to enjoy his free time in a quiet room.

Dale Featherling might say all of these bad things about communications technology, but most of the people that live in NYC might not think the same. How many people in this world own a cell phone? Everyone who walks on the street is either talking on a cell phone or owns one. Cell phones are very useful during a black out or just to have one around in case of an emergency.

Some people just cant live without a cell phone. Some people like Dale Featherling might just hate it. Everyone likes to be left alone once in a while. Mostly everyone has a cell phone. People might not enjoy phones so they keep them around for emergencies or just have them on silent.



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