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Communication at Its Finest: Translator & Interpreter

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Essay Preview: Communication at Its Finest: Translator & Interpreter

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Communication at its Finest: Translator & Interpreter

Jaylin C. Fernandez

Loving High School

Mrs. Granado

English 4



Translators and Interpreters make intercultural communication possible through language, idea, and concept translation. Both Translators and Interpreters have similar job profiles. A Translator is more of a written and basic document translation. An Interpreter converts languages into others through communication. They should have a good understanding of what is communicated and be able to make clear and accurate expressions. As in general Translators have to have certain requirements for college. Information on History, pay scales, and career requirements.


Interpreters and Translators make intercultural communication possible through language, idea, and concept translation. Interpreters and Translators have similar job profiles that involve having special language understandings in two different languages. Both translators and Interpreters translate or Interpret into their best known language. Strong memory and research skills are needed. Understanding of the material, researching any unknown words, and doing additional research on the subject that may be unclear. To translate effectively, both words and fluid concepts should correctly be replaced with the target language. Translators should also take into account cultural terms, expressions, and idioms that have significance to the meaning of the content. It is translated into their best known or “active” language from their secondary or “passive” language. Translators and Interpreters have many differences, requiring unique sets of aptitudes and skill levels. They are found in many different fields and will continue to specialize in need areas of study. Also they have different educational and language backgrounds. Some may have grown up knowing two or more languages others have not. (Language Translators, 2015).

        Translators thoughts (2013) stated, when translators start learning a foreign language they might think that they could never be proficient enough to translate it professionally. We all have to start off somewhere and then keep on improving. Reading a lot and choosing varied material is very important for anyone who wants to work in the world of translations. To reach the best possible level immerse to a different country at some point. As a newbie Spanish translator, the experience can be gained through volunteer opportunities. Also with all the different languages problem do occur with translations, they can be divided into a linguistic problem and a cultural problem. The linguistic problems include grammatical differences, lexical ambiguity and meaning ambiguity. The cultural problems refer to different situational features.

Translators, for instance, usually work in a single source language while interpreters transvers many different languages. Translators write, analyze, and edit written material to convert it into another language. They undertake work that varies in style, subject matter, and length. Also translators should take into account cultural terms, expressions, and idioms that have bearing on the meaning of the content. Literary translators convert literature between different languages. It includes translating books, journal articles, short stories, and poetry. This kind of translation requires sufficiently reproducing the content of work in a certain language. Localization translators should have a strong understanding of the relevant language, technical terminology, and the audience that will receive the product. Localization translators have enjoyed increasing large number of opportunities. They completely adapt a product into a different culture and language, whether it is software, internet, or manufacturing products.

Medical interpreters and translators offer language assistance to those receiving health care benefits by helping them communicate with medical staffs. It’s vital for medical and legal information to be passed on appropriately, translators with expertise in these areas may have more opportunities available to them. Career prospects for Spanish translators are increasing along with the Hispanic population. If translating complex information into a simple, easy-to-understand language, a career as a technical writer might suit some better. Translators have to strive to capture the tone, context and sentence flow without losing any of the meaning. Not all words-like cultural references and slang-translate smoothly between English and Spanish. (Language Translator. 2015)


If preferred oral communication, consider becoming an interpreter. When interpretation is performed simultaneously it takes place at the same time the speaker is talking. It is common at international conventions and in courts. Interpreters listen through speakers in booths and then interpret the words into the targeted language through a microphone- headphone relay. Whispering methods are used where the interpreter simply positions him/herself behind the listener and whispers the translation. Judiciary interpreters and translators assist people in court who do not speak English. These interpreters should refrain from becoming emotionally involved without altering the substance of what is communicated. Consecutive interpretation occurs after the speaker has finished talking. Sing language interpreting involves both regular communication and transliteration, which is based on more English word labels and order. Interpreters work in many different settings, including preliminary hearings, client-attorney meetings, trials, arrangements, and depositions. They are found in many different fields and will continue to specialize in needed areas of study.



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