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Choices of Going to College

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Nowadays, education styles and methods have much improved compared to before, and there are great opportunities for students to make choices. There are two ways of going to college: straight after high school or after taking a break. I think taking some time off before starting college would be the best choice since it is a good way to give enough time and make preparations for future goals and work part time jobs to get an extra money during the break for the educational costs.

Giving enough time to make preparations before going to college has a lot of advantages for students. Students will be able to get more time to set their goals. Setting a goal is not easy to make a decision. Therefore, it is going to be a good time to give a break and think what major should they think and explore out what they should be more focus on. In addition, since high school lessons are very hard for some students to pass, college lessons will be harder than that. Students will get more time to focus on parts that they are weak at. If they are weak in English, they could attend grammar classes and ESL classes for college preparations, read grammar books and online exercises. If they are weak in math, they can give more time to understand the theories and methods. In these ways, taking a break before college can be very effective for academic students.

Moreover, students can also work during the break to earn their tuition fees and other costs. For some students it will be very hard to get support for their tuition fees. Thus, working full-time or part-time jobs will be able to help them since attending college costs a lot. They could pay for their necessities such as text books and rent, and can even save for non-essential purchases, such as car, for transportation.

Therefore, I would say taking some time off before taking college classes would be the best solution for students. So that they could plan their future goals and



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