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Chevrolet Swot Analysis

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* Name recognition- The name Chevrolet is the most recognizable auto manufacturer in the United States.

* Company image- Chevrolet's image is that of tough, dependable, long lasting vehicles. Its "Like a Rock" advertising campaign equated Chevrolet trucks with cowboys, ranchers, and construction workers in an attempt to paint an All-American appeal for these vehicles. Its newest slogan "Chevy, the longest lasting cars on the road," continues the company image of producing durable products.

* Product diversity- Chevrolet features many different products for many different target groups. It has five divisions of vehicles: cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, and commercial vehicles. Because of its diversity it can market its products to almost any target group. It produces a 145 hp Cobalt for under $15,000 as well as a 505 hp Corvette for over $65,000.

* Racing Sponsor- One of Chevrolet's biggest marketing assets is its five racing teams: NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Indy Car Series, American Le Mans Series, and NHRA Drag Racing. These events provide Chevrolet with a unique opportunity to prove to consumers that its products are superior to competitors on an even scale.


* No luxury vehicle- Chevrolet does not feature, and has no intent to feature any type of luxury vehicle. Without this they cannot compete with foreign manufacturers. Even Ford and Chrysler have developed a luxury vehicle for their fleets.

* Weak in horse power- Besides the Corvette, all Chevrolet vehicles are substandard to their foreign competition when comparing horse power. The Chevrolet Impala features a 185 hp engine, while the Honda Accord, its direct competitor, boasts a 240 hp engine.

* Dull product design- Once again, with exception to the Corvette, Chevrolet vehicles have a very conventional and boring design. This hurts the company drastically because people are always looking for a sleeker, more aggressive looking vehicle, Chevrolet vehicles lack the curves and aesthetics that foreign manufacturers pride themselves on.


* Hybrid



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