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Change Is Hard for Employee

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That is a fascinating Topic. This topic has needed a wide range of discussion. But, I only wrote vital issues about organization change ( Transformation).

The new employees who come from other organization can make changes based on their new initiative and their good practices in the former organization. Changes would happen when the organization decided to improve the quality of management, resizing the organization, change cultures and behaviors, and change the old technologies and systems such as (accounting, data management, and human resource management). These changes could happen in organization level (that calls massive or fundamental changes and can do it by CEO or Board of Directories) or in division level (that calls small changes and can do it by managers or executives). To bring change (transformation) in the organization, it needs to focus on several issues. 1- Change needs a clear vision “vision says something that helps clarify the direction in which an organization needs to move. “(Kotter, J. P, 2015) and anticipated result. 2- Good planning (that include steps of change process) and define exact timeline, 3- Change should align with organization culture “change plan may be especially hard to implement if employees see the transformation as being contrary to the company’s culture “(Aguirre, D., Alpern, M., & Post, R. V, 2013) and respect to the organization’s value. 4- Create a team (senior and lower employees’ level). 5- Design goals and the intermediate result, and 6- tracking the process of change effectively and celebrate the short term achievement.

There are some significant barriers that change process never happens in the organization or change is unsuccessful. Transformation (change) in the organization needs leaders rather than managers, manager job is “minimize risk and to keep the current system operating.” (Kotter, J. P, 2015), unfortunately, most of the companies have a lot of manager rather than leaders. 2- Senior managers and employees are resistant against transformation, and they are not ready for change yet. 3- Lack of vision creates an unclear picture about the future and employees do not know where they stand on, lack of vision improve the hopelessness and confusion among employee, and the organization goes in the wrong direction if there is not enough clarity in the vision. 4- Companies usually asks employees to follow through for too many changes in a short time or at once throughout the transformation process. The result would be that employees get bored and do not want to new transformation. 5- Lack of capability in the organization; In some organizations manager and employee do not have sufficient skills and experiences in the transformation process, and also they do not know how transformation should start or happen in the organization.

To make a successful change in the organization leader should take several steps. Evaluate the current culture, behavior, and system and overview of the new culture, behavior, and system; it makes sure that transformation effectively brings positive desire changes.



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