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Employees Change a Company’s Culture

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Can new employees change a company’s culture? If so, how?

In most companies, employees have an existing perception of how to do things.(Soule, 2017). Company culture includes how employees communicate with each other, how transparent their communication is and how informal or demanding is their decision process (Bauer, 2012). Bringing a drastic change in a company will be difficult. In my opinion, it is difficult but not impossible. Therefore for a new employee, who wish to make a change, it is possible to make a change in company culture. New leaders who wish to improve the existing culture should have a vision and a timeline in his mind before initiating a change. A time frame is critical to measure and evaluate how far he was able to implement this. For example, let's think of a company where the employees are not self-motivated. As a first step, he should set a time frame for goal achievement. At regular intervals, initiate seminars and training programs, take feedbacks and assessments at regular intervals to confirm achievements. Continuously receive feedback, revise and optimize the process. (4 Steps to Change Company Culture ). By introducing a rewarding system to the organization, we can see an increased acceptance of this change.

Are there conditions under which change is not possible? If so, what would such conditions be?

There are certain conditions where changes are not possible. There is a subculture within a company, for example, operational subculture. They value each member as a valuable part. Any changes in technology or process are not appreciated (Vilet, 2013). Thus, making the change impossible. Another case is when the leader lacks a clear vision and he is unable to get trust from his employees, the chances of implementing this change is met with resistance.

How can leaders take steps to enrich and more efficiently leverage their culture to affect organizational change?

Leaders can follow Define – Manage – Align “cultural foundation” to efficiently leverage their



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