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Causes and Effects of Student Stress

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Causes and Effects of Student Stress

Stress is inevitable and causes many health issues such as depression, heart disease, anxiety and stroke and produces neck crick, headache, etc. (Clark, 2013). It permeates nearly every aspect of society and students are no exception. The transitional nature of adjustment required for the rudiments of higher studies leads stress to the college students (D’Zurilla and Sheddy, 1991). The stressful life leads to negative implications creating health risks including lung problems, cancers and sometimes suicide (Chakraburtty, 2005).

The most common reason for stress among students is greater academic demands (Lucier, 2012). Increased class workload, anticipation of graduation, lower grade than anticipated are some of the reasons that lead to academic stress (Shannon, Bradley and Terasa, 1999). According to a study conducted by Britz and Pappas (2010), academic stress hit students of all ages, college freshers being at the top. Academic stress leads to reduced hours of sleep (Ginsberg, 2006), depression and other mental issues.

Intrapersonal reasons are another cause for stress among students (Bulo and Sachez, 2014). Change in sleeping and eating habits, financial problems, new responsibilities, speaking in public and finding a job leads intrapersonal stress (Shannon, Bradley and Terasa, 1999).  According to a study by Presnall (2008), extra activities and financial difficulties leads to stress affecting students emotionally as well as mentally.

Stress is also caused due to interpersonal reasons (Lucier, 2012). Working with people a person doesn’t know, family issues causes stress (Bulo and Sachez, 2014). Conflict with roommate, social activities changes and fight with girlfriend/boyfriend are other reasons causing pressures among students (Britz and Pappas, 2010; Shannon, Bradley and Terasa, 1999).  This results in depression.

Environmental factors are yet another reason contributing stress in students’ life (Shannon, Bradley and Terasa, 1999).  Technical and computer problems lead to such factors causing stress (Bulo and Sachez, 2014).

There are various reasons that cause stress. These include academic, intrapersonal, interpersonal and environmental. It is significant to spread awareness in the university about the prevalence of stress. Gaining a greater knowledge will help in lessening the causes and effects of stress. The collocation of increased awareness about stress and health among students will be helpful in providing insights on how to combat the different effects of stress.


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