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Case Study

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Case Study Analysis

A number of underlying problems rose to the surface when Carl Robins faced his current situation. Procedures that either were in place but not followed or never defined require attention to avoid this problem in the future. The problems span over several departments. The lack of communication between the parties involved is the main problem. New hires need to know what paperwork is required and when the paperwork is due. Monica Carrolls needs to know about any problems that surface that have to do with the current hiring process. The human resource department must make sure that adequate materials are available and up-to-date. The various departments must put forth a concentrated effort in order to handle this situation. Once there are solutions offered, the departments must adhere to these solutions to make the system work.

Contact the New Hires

Carl Robins must make contact with the 15 new hires immediately to inform them that their files are incomplete and that all paperwork must be completed and submitted within two weeks. The group will be responsible for getting any missing information to Carl by the deadline date. This includes incomplete or missing applications, missing transcripts and the mandatory drug screening reports. Failure to do so may affect their future employment or delay their start date. Let the new hires also know when and where the orientation will take place after verifying that the training lab is available in July. Carl must follow-up daily with the new hires as to the status of their paperwork. He must prepare to contact additional new hire candidates in the event that some of the current group fails to comply.

Contact Monica Carrolls

Contact Monica Carrolls to inform her of the possible delay in starting the 15 new hires. Briefly explain to her what has happened and that she can be confident that the new hires will be ready for work at the beginning of July as earlier stated. Explain to her that each new hire is aware that he or she is each responsible for making sure that all files are complete and current. She will be



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