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Case Study

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Case Study Analysis

The analysis of this case study will identify the key problems associated with the recruiting process completed by Carl Robbins. Additionally, the analysis will show how Mr. Robbins could have prevented some of his negligence as a new recruiter.


Carl Robbins was the new recruiter for ABC, Inc. Mr. Robbins had recruited several new hires after being with the company only 6 months. This was Mr. Robbins first recruitment, and he had planned to have all the new hires working by July. He had assured Monica, his Operation Manager, everything was under control; however, the recruiting process did not occur as planned for Carl. He was very un-organized. He waited until after Memorial Day to start preparing for the orientation. Carl realized that he did not have the necessary materials to conduct the orientation, drug screens had not been completed, and the room had been booked for the month of June. The communication between Mr. Robbins and Mrs. Carroll's was very scarce.

Key Problems

The key problems in this analysis were: trainees did not complete their applications, some of them had their transcripts on file, and none of them were sent for the mandatory drug screens. The three manuals Mr. Robbins had available to him were missing pages. The training room was reserved for the month of June by Joe. Mr. Robbins had also waited until June 15th to finalize the paperwork needed for orientation.


Some alternatives that could have helped Mr. Robbins out are: the trainers files could be reviewed before the initiate hire date, placed notes on files with any missing documents, manuals should be reviewed every month, a system upgrade can be implemented, the drug screening can be scheduled after the first interview in order to have them completed in time for the orientation. ABC, Inc should have a centralized area for the necessary documents needed for orientation, so when new trainees are hired it would be available. Since this was Mr. Robbins first recruiting assignment, a trainer would have been of great use to him. Mrs. Carroll needed to follow up with Mr. Robbins, instead of assuming everything was taken care of.

Proposed Solutions

Mr. Robbins needed more training; therefore the solution here would be to provide him with a trainer to point out any missed issues for his first recruiting assignment.



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