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Case Study

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Case Study

By Dan


Carl Robins is a new recruiter for ABC, inc.; he has been working for Monica Carrolls for only six months and has hired 15 new trainees. Carl wants these trainees to be working by July so he scheduled orientation for June 15. Monica informed Carl that all the trainees must have all pre-requisites meet before they are able to be orientated and begin working, which included all paperwork completed and on file, drug screens, and orientation manuals distributed, Carl assured Monica that would be taken care of.

Key Problems

Since Carl has only worked for the company for six months and this is his first recruitment he is unaware of the scope of the task ahead of him, as Carl looks into his situation he begins to realize there are many problems with his new trainees. All the new employees do not have all the proper paper work completed, some are missing transcripts, have incomplete applications, and have not be sent in for there drug screens. As Carl investigates further into his dilemma and realizes that what few orientation manuals he is able to find are missing information from the books. Since Carl has never before had this job tasked to him he was unaware of the things needed before making his promise to Monica about having the employees ready for work in July. Carl also discovers from the log in the room he thought he had reserved for his orientation that it had already been booked by another employee for the entire month.

Possible Solutions

The company's lack of communication I think is one of the key breakdowns in the structure that allowed all the problems to surface in the first place. Communication efforts must be stepped up to allow proper channels to be contacted. When new employees are hired there should be some centralized area for information to flow, paperwork needs to be check, and proper things must be completed. We also need to implement some type of system that would allow recruiters to monitor the supply of needed paperwork for employees and be able to requisition them before they are needed to maintain some type of required minimum. Carl's problem with reserving the room for orientation should not have happened, there needs to be some type of better sharing of the room or have an alternative option for orientation purposes.

Proposed solutions

One way to work around the communication problems is to setup an additional department for new hires, in that department there should be place a check list that must be completed before the employee is ready for orientation. That check list should ensure that the employee has




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