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Case Study Problem Analysis

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Secondary Problem Analysis

Dealing with conflicts: Some conflicts may arise from taking on the responsibility of leader within the negotiations team. Such conflicts may include coming up with an agreed collective agreement. This may cause a conflict between the employees and management. Since we are in charge of negotiations we will have to use a collaborative management style and try to satisfy everyone's needs so people do not become irate. Many things can be the cause of this such as fellow employees. Some may not agree with joining the union or agree with the agreement. This can cause tension between the appointed leader and his fellow workers.

Satisfying Fellow Employees: Some employees may not agree at all with the agreement and we will have to try and satisfy everyone's need. This will be quite difficult because not everyone has the same opinion. If a common agreement is not chosen then we will have to come up with our own which will make the whole group unsatisfied in the end.

Properly Representing Fellow Employees: If our fellow employees are not properly represented it will create job tension and job stress. This will slow down your work and not make it a happy atmosphere to work.

The primary problem has forced the decision maker to challenge his/her values by having him/her perhaps turn on there staff. He/she has to make a decision which may not satisfy all of the employees. By him/her taking on the role as leader it will make the C.E.W happy, however, cause tension with the workers. It was stated in the article that none of the employees have had complaints about wages or working conditions. All of the employees seem already satisfied.



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