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Case Study Analysis

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In any work situation effective communication is essential. By communicating effectively confusion can be avoided, misunderstandings can be prevented, healthy coworker relationships can be maintained, issues clarified, information confirmed, and successful outcomes of objectives and goals can be more likely realized. Effective communication skills can be used to avoid misunderstandings and confusion, clarify expectations of project outcomes and other pertinent issues as well. "Assumptions about the words and actions of others are fairly common in most workplaces." Watson, A. (2003).

Carl Robins, the campus recruiter for ABC company has been entrusted with hiring trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Coordinating the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, etc. for the new hires are all responsiblities which utltimately rest with Carl. Though, Carl has been successful in recruiting 15 new hires and assured Monica that all arrangements will be made on time several key problems in this case have been identified. For instance, some of the new employees had incomplete applications or missing transcripts. None of the applicants had been sent to the clinic for mandatory drug testing. The room Carl scheduled for the training meeting was also reserved by Joe for the same day.

When the alternatives to these problems were evaluated, several questions were asked. Why do these problems exist? What caused them? Who is affected by the problem? What is the effect of the problems on the organization? First of all, these problems exist due to poor planning and inept coordination as well as Carl not paying attention to details. Details which can signifiy the difference between the successful outcome of the recruitment process or failure. One critical complication of incomplete employment applications is that the organization may be placed at legal and impractical disadvantages, ESR (2005). Carl, Monica, the operations department, the hirees, Joe, in fact the entire organization is affected by the problems. The effect of the problems on the organization is that other departments that rely on support services from operations will be impaired as a result of operations being understaffed.

Alternatives to the case:Contact all of the applicants with missing information and

tell them that the offer for employment has been withdrawn due



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