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Case Study Analysis

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I feel that the effectiveness of the communication between the organization and its intended publics were dealt with in a manner that all businesses should follow. The company communicated with each other from the inside in reference to coming up with new ways of packaging their products and in turn this was also a good way to win the external publics trust back, by having tamper resistant packaging.

Johnson and Johnson, the media and the customers were the publics involved. The internal publics that were involved were the marketing department, the management department and the public relations team. The outside publics were the suppliers, consumers and the food and drug administration.

The impact that the communications had on the intended publics were overwhelming in turns of building trust back with the consumers, suppliers and company buyers.

The way that the company handled such a crisis and did not panic, did not beat around the bush and did not make any kind of excesses.

The company saw that there was a problem, they informed each other, they informed the public by releasing statements to the appropriate authorities then they produced a new form of packaging for the product and became just as successful as they were before the crises. I believe that there is always a way to improve the communication process to be more effective, but when it comes to the Tylenol crisis; I think that it was handled in a very professional and accurate way. The inside communication as well as the outside were kept with very informative information.

Some of the tools and techniques that were used to inform, motivate and influence the public were the parent company, Johnson and Johnson pulling the products from the shelves in a quick and responsive manner, which showed them that there was something wrong with the product.




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