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Case Studies

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Case 13 Communication

Jack should think of his family and the problems it could cause at home. His wife and daughters

both like it where they live know. It's possible he might have some hidden prejudice but it's

likely he doesn't though, if he had any he might have a problem working with him no matter

what the situation was. If Jack wants to build a relationship with Yoshio he could. I think it

would benefit both of them greatly. Jack could help him out with any problems he might have. I

would tell Jack that just because he didn't get the promotion that it's not a bad thing. Plus he has

to look at the big picture and how his family might take it if he takes the other job. So he really

needs to calm down and think of his family not just his needs.

Case 14 Nonprofessional

If was Helen I would have said something to Thomas in private. Ask him why he took my idea

and used it as his own. I would never steal someone else's ideas. If they came up with it

then I would give them the credit for it. It doesn't make your job any easier taking someone

else's ideas and using them for your own. Thomas is only hurting himself by doing that. One

day he will have to come up with him own idea and he won't be able to. Say he keeps doing it

and he gets promoted to higher position where he has to use his own ideas and he doesn't have

any. It will eventually come back to hurt him in the long run.

Case 15 Confrontation

I think John did the correct thing in talking with Ms. Robertson. If he didn't do it, it

would have gotten worse until he wouldn't enjoy his job anymore. John wasn't forceful

at all. I would have talked to her just as John has done. But I wouldn't change anything if he

wasn't doing anything wrong. He seems to get along with everyone else but her. I would have

sat the 2 of them down and find out wants going with them and why they can't get along. Tell

them they need to figure this out. It would be better for them and everyone else around.

Case 16 Balance

Well first off being a single mother of 3 is a hard thing to do. But she still has to realize that

she needs a job to take care of her kids. Mr. Hodges needs to sit down Lorraine and discuss

the issues of her being absent to much. Maybe if they can have a sit down they



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