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Canada for Higher Studies

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I came to Canada in 2017 for my higher studies. I was a hard decision for me to make; I never left my family and this time I was going thousands of kilometres away from them, where they cannot meet me daily. My mind was full of questions before taking off from India about this country. I was expecting that I will be an easy-going process of studying and staying in Canada, but after starting to live in Canada, I faced a lot of problems. I came here alone and one of my family friends, she received me. In the beginning, she was so good to me, but as time elapsed, I saw her true colours. She became so cruel to me and even stole my stuff too. I got very distracted. After one month, it was my registration period. I was enrolled in an associate degree in chemistry, and I did not get any of the courses, I got only Philosophy, which was out of my field course. I dropped that course because it was not in my syllabus. I was so stressed out.

With all these wrong things, I got an email from Langara college that they deduct my 70% tuition fees for dropping courses. I was shocked when I filed an appeal to college for refunding my tuition expenses, but I did not get any response for months.

After all this, my confidence level was shallow. I was free for three months and that three months were the worst of my life. I left my family friend because of her selfishness and found some new roommates. I thought it would be fun to live girls, they were living in Canada before me, and they always used to make fun of my Indian attires. They made me do all household things, like cooking, cleaning, dishes and laundry, every time. I became an introvert person. I was in depression and missed my family a lot.

As three months elapsed, it was time for my registration, and all chemistry courses were again on the waitlist, then I made a decision that changed my entire life. I changed my course and took the kinesiology program. My instructor



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