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Some believe that India is

an `idea' rather than a nation

of people with different languages,

traditions and culture.

If so, India is an idea whose

time has come. It is no longer just an

`exotic' country, but is now the destination

of choice not just for foreign tourists,

but also for business travellers.

The change in image has lead to a

boom in hoteliering. While the industry had

its vicissitudes in the recent past, the current

boom looks like staying on. "The

Indian hospitality sector is witnessing one

of its rare sustained growth trends," says

Ajoy Misra, Senior Vice-President, Sales &

Marketing, Indian Hotels, owners of the Taj

group, the country's largest hotel company.

There is a mismatch between demand

and supply, leading to higher occupancies

and average room rates. During 2004-5,

revenue per available room in hotels across

India increased by 29 per cent over the

2001-02 levels.

This seems to be is just the beginning,

judging by opinions from analysts and

industry executives.



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