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* Preparation of the UD program will start when HR (1) receives the UD Engagement Advice from Recruitment Team.

* Development Program Duration:

- Technical UD Development Program (2 years)

- Administration UD Development Program (2 Years)

* The Assigned senior Training Officer / Training Officer will meet the UD to explain HR role and give a brief introduction about the UD program.

* The implementation of the UD program will start immediately after the completion of the probation period within the group (100 days).

* A continues evaluation process will take place during the program.

* Attachments with other Groups / Departments will be designed by Senior Training Officer / Training Officer in coordination with Line Department. To provide the UD with complete awareness about other Group / Department roles & responsibilities.

* Modification for the UD Development Program should be limited and when it is necessary, to occur it should be discussed with HR (NK) for finalization.


The evaluation process is an essential part of the development program especially to the UD; it will enable them to receive feedback to reinforces what they have learned in the training activity.

A regular evaluation process will give the assigned Senior Training Officer/ Training Officer the chance to adjust the program to meet UD required objectives & expectations.

UD should be responsible for: -

* Submitting a report after each training segment during the program. It will include UD progress report, direct mentor, immediate Supervisor & assigned Senior Training Officer / Training Officer's comments. This report will be re-distributed to the UD, mentor, personal file and Group\s Manager.

* Contacting the assigned Senior Training Officer / Training Officer to arrange a quarterly meeting between the



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