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Hair and Beauty Salon is the most interesting business plan that I would like to explore more because, this kind of business can be open everywhere. Almost every shopping center in each community, Hair and Beauty Salon exist.

In this business, the main goal for the market is very simple. According to the article, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to become success in business. When the customer are satisfied, they advertise the service to the public, which may bring more customer to the business. As long as the business owner and the employer can provide the customer needs, the customer always become a good advertisement for the business. The customer will verbally refer other customer about the service. Another way to become success in this kind of business is to offer the customer coupon each time they bring new customer.

Based on the financial plan report, the future of this business is going to be stable. I base my opinion according to the projected profit and loss because it showed that the expected income for the third year is increasing three times more than the first year. This business will be able to survive a downturn because it is expected that the next three years the business will generate more than enough cash flow to cover all the expenses.

I strongly believe this business will survive not only in Frederick area but also will survive in any other cities because it all depends on the customer satisfaction. As mention before, as long as the customer satisfied with the service the business will always be in a good shape.



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