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Good communication is essential in the workplace. Each and every day, understanding what others are communicating, and what we are attempting to communicate, requires mental focus. Distractions that occur in our work environments decrease our abilities to mentally focus in on a conversation, and increase the chance of ineffective communication with others.

Some common distractions that occur during communication events include trying to read e-mail when talking to or listening to others, loud background noise caused by co-workers, or preoccupation by thinking of other things off the present topic during a conversation just to name a few. For most of us, distractions are numerous during any given day.

Removing or mitigating the distractions can pay dividends when trying to communicate with others. Focusing on the other people involved in a communication event is one way to improve chances for successful transmission and receipt of information. By setting aside other work such as checking e-mails, proper focus is given, and sends a strong signal to others by showing them nothing is more important to you right now, other than the conversation at hand.

Whenever possible, find a space relatively free from distracting background noise to help ensure effective communication has a chance to occur. Hearing several conversations going on at once, outside of the conversation you are trying to specifically focus on is extremely distracting.

Another good practice for more effective communication is to clear the mind of those things not relevant to the conversation at hand. Effective communication takes work. Dividends will be gained through working at becoming a more effective communicator.

Communication skills in the workplace are essential for acquiring and keeping a job. Communication skills such as reading, writing, and speaking are taught and practiced in schools everyday. The ability to read



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