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Business Plan

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South Orchard

Retirement Home

1002 Sunny Lane• San Antonio TX•78201

Business Plan

Michelle Lumia

Dylan England

Nathen Bottrell

Nicola Kakish

Ray Nowden

South Orchard

Retirement Home

1002 Sunny Lane• San Antonio TX•78201

Dear John Smith,

We would like to present to you our business plan in request of financial support. We would like to open a retirement home that will provide an easier way of living for the elderly and retired. This home will provide social opportunities and outing to enhance the quality of life for our residents. We believe that the easy way of living and this positive environment will be a great addition to the San Antonio community. We look forward to hearing from you in hopes that you would help us in making the San Antonio community grow and prosper from the positive atmosphere of South Orchard Retirement Home.


Michelle Lumia

Public Relations


South Orchard Retirement Home is an easier way for the Seniors to live in the wonderful community of San Antonio. South Orchard Retirement Home is a comfortable, affordable, and relaxing place for our seniors to live as they grow older. South Orchard is a place for our seniors to simply enjoy life while leaving the rest up to our trained professional. With a wide variety of different activities for our seniors to take part in, we hop to become the number one retirement home in the community in the future. Our company strives for success and will do anything to improve the value of our customers’ comfortable living.

Mission Statement

• To provide a pleasant and socially stimulating community for the retired and elderly.

• Create a positive environment free of discrimination, racism, and ageism

• Provide the finest trained and friendliest employees for South Orchard.

• Keep our residents comfortable, happy, and alert on what’s going on in our community as well as in South Orchard Retirement Home.

• Continue improving the natural beauty of our residential surroundings.

• Showing social progress and success of our business relies on our profits.

Proposed ownership/legal structure

South Orchard Retirement Home is located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. It is equally owned and managed by its five members.

Michelle Lumia has wide-ranging experience in public relations, marketing, and management, where she graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor degree in Marketing. Nathen Bottrell has extensive experience in Finance, where he also graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Bottrell will handle all of the funding for South Orchard Retirement Home as well as taking part in management. Dylan England is taking part in our organization as our very own nurse/doctor and is also taking part in management in South Orchard. Nicola Kakish also graduated from Wayne State University where he received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He also received a minor in Psychology where he can guide our elderly with any questions or concerns. Ray Nowden also has extensive experience in Marketing and Advertising. He received his Bachelor degree at the University of Michigan, and will be taking part in management.

Unique service being offered at South Orchard

South Orchard offers a great deal in our comfortable community. Leisure time is considered valuable to us, and we have a lot to offer to our seniors. We provide a wide-variety of activities for our seniors including: bingo, board games, card games, cooking/baking, knitting, reading, swimming, and aerobics, which can all be found in our huge recreation center. Each day will be assigned different fun-filled activities for our residents to participate in. We also offer a mini park in the Center of our community where our residents can peacefully enjoy a walk in the park, or even go fishing in our man-made lake.

As for the living arrangements at South Orchard Retirement Home, our residents will enjoy this affordable, spacious home. We want our residents to live comfortably, so we’ve decided to make South Orchard feel just like home. We offer accessible town homes that are available in one or two bedrooms. These homes will be manageable to anyone, whether handicapped or not. No need for our residents to keep up with the daily household chores because we have a maid upon request to take care of these daily tasks. If our residents need little odds and ends, they may shop at the South Orchard End, where we have stocked up on these items. If we do not carry our resident’s product, they may request it to be sold at the South Orchard End or they may be taken in the South Orchard Express metro car where they will be taken to the nearest place where their product is located. We offer a great deal here at South Orchard Retirement home, and we strive for success and make every effort to do our best for improving our services.

Customers, Location and Demographics

The dominant target market for South Orchard Retirement Home residents is the elderly and retired men and women, middle to upper class, in the San Antonio community. There is an estimated 130,277 of men and women over 65 that live in the San Antonio society. That 130,277 is about 13 percent of the elderly, retired living in or around the San Antonio community. “People ages 45 to 54 are currently



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