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Business Plan for Formal Wear for Women

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Essay Preview: Business Plan for Formal Wear for Women

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    (Women clothing at its absolute best)

          [pic 1]

            Finding a women's formal wear, may sound like a thing of no big deal to a man , but for a woman it's like a never ending nightmare . Consider an Indian working lady 'Rita'. Rita works in a reputed IT firm and she holds a position which few hold in her company . She is suppose to wear formal clothes on a  daily basis , and there are surely a lot of places from where she can buy them , but the problem is they just don't suit her body and same is the issue with most of the working lady in India.

                The problems that these ladies face are plenty , few of them being the thinness of the material or the fake pockets and many other among them . The thin material forces the Rita to wear more clothes which ultimately causes her pocket to get empty.

               Well Well Well !!!! Now this problem of yours is going to be solved once and for all . Now, you can beat the majority of women who feel ill-fitted in work wear. AMBROSIA brings you the choices of formal clothing that you ever wanted . With a wide range of clothing, and range of clothes designed for different body types. These clothes are designed by experts for the Indian woman who works. Each piece of women’s office wear that we design is created to solve nagging issues of comfort and fit.

                 Be feminine. Be beautiful. Let your sassiness impress people. And laugh like you have got gold mines dig in your backyard. Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you. AMBROSIA will make it happen.

[pic 2]     

                 Revenue Stream of AMBROSIA

The total revenue generated by Ambrosia is about 3 crore per annum, and this is generated through various mediums . Information of which is given below.

[pic 3]

The amount generated by various mediums is given below.

1)Retail stores - 1 crore

2)Online sales - 80 lacs

3)Through B2B and B2C campaigns/events - 60 lacs

4)Through renting (cloth given on a temporary basis) - 40 lacs

5) Through advertising (paid advertising of other products ) - 20 lacs

                       Cost structure of Ambrosia

      Cost structure of Ambrosia contains fixed and variable costs , total amount of 1.5 Crore, detail of which is provided below.

[pic 4]

The amount spent at various mediums is given below.

1)Manufacturing : 70 lacs

2)Labour cost : 40 lacs

3) Transportation cost : 20 lacs

4)Commissions : 10 lacs

5) Others (discounts , credit given , not usable clothes etc) : 10 lacs

                     Channel of promotion of Ambrosia

            Every successful business requires proper ways of promotion if it has to do well in the market . Product is no doubt very important but as it is said in terms of marketing that 'It's not about what you sell but it's about how you sell it'

         We at Ambrosia understand the nuances of a company that deals with products like formal wear of women , so we give utmost importance to the proper marketing channels as well. Our channel of promotion includes the following.



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