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Business Influnces

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Joseph L Sullivan

Comm. 526


Values and ethics in the workplace.

In turbulent economic times, corporate ethics are more essential than ever. A study by the Ethics Resource Center in Washington, DC examining the link between organizations undergoing transitions and workplace ethics suggested that in transitioning organizations, "when times are toughest and ethical risks are greatest, ethics programs may matter most to organizations and their employees." When everything else in the workplace is uncertain, a strong grounding in ethical values will help to provide the consistency to keep the company on course.


What would your organization be like if no one ever asked, "Whose fault is this?" What if we could all let go of the 'blame game' and view accountability as a method for achieving increased personal and team effectiveness?

Most employees take on new projects with the best intentions, seeking only a successful result. But lack of clarity not lack of commitment often finds their goals unrealized.



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