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Business Ethics

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BUL 4310 Ethical Dilemma 2

1) The ethical dilemma with Flower Power is a privacy issue. There is a question whether or not the all of the features MIS wants to impose on the 1500 employees are necessary or overboard. Employees can very easily become offended if they were to find they were being “shadowed” for example. The dilemma on the side of MIS and top management is the employee taking advantage of the network provided for them, by sharing critical company information, or using company time for personal e-mail.

2) Since the stakeholders include the employees as well as anyone with interest in the company, the decision to allow MIS staff to have unlimited surveillance of all e-mail and internet related activity could have a huge negative affect on these stakeholders. With MIS able to “shadow” any employee this causes a privacy issue. It will also cause employee morale to drop. With a new attitude of distrust among staff members, procedures and policies may not be followed and correct decisions will not be made.

3) If the decision is made to allow MIS all of these liberties there are pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s вЂ"

1) MIS will be able to monitor employees to ensure they are using the Internet and e-mail for work related purposes only.

2) Confidential information about the Co. will be hidden better.

Con’s вЂ"




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