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Business Ethics

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Our countries plants provide not only just a job but it provides hope for the common man. Most people that began working at plants were people who either had no education or were right out of high school. These types of jobs gave people a skill, a trade, and way to provide for their families. When big companies feel like they need to close a plant to save the big wigs some money they do not take in account those that it affects. The people that work at these plants are "the community", so when they give up on the employees they are giving up on the community.

I come from a family of plant workers and I know first hand the opportunities these plants have for individuals. They can take someone that has no high school diploma and teach them a trade, later making them the head of the line, a supervisor, and before you know it they are in the corporate offices. Factories also provide opportunities for college students. During the summer months plants would hire college students to work from anywhere in the plant to the corporate offices, sometimes allowing them to gain positions with companies after graduation.

Often when it comes time to shut down a plant it's looked at as "restructure", when actually it's a fancy word for what can cut to make us more money. Not always is it about money, sometimes there is a legitimate reason. No matter which one of the reasons it is they need to show some kind of loyalty to everyone involved and how it will affect them in the long run.

When determining the need to close a plant two factors need to be addressed:

1. The right to be a free enterprise

2. Upholding federal laws.

Companies argue that by adhere to federal laws it does not allow them to be act as a free enterprise. If they were to take a look at the bigger picture they would see that by adhering to such laws allows the company to maintain a good reputation and allows them to remain loyal to their employees. A proposed closure plan would to first



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