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Coşkun Hilmi İPEK

200432048 Section 2

1) Introduction:

* My hypothesis is:some tv programs effect children and teenager's development badly.

* I've selected this hypothesis to find out what do people think about tv programs and their effects.

* I applied this questionnaire in a mall to 24 people,including students,engineers,tradesmen...

* Respondent's ages are generally between 17-25.

2) Findings

From the chart it can be seen that my hypotesis is right. The majority of public think that "Yes, Kurtlar Vadisi movie affect children in a bad way" unlike the majority some people don't believe that children are affected badly from, Kurtlar Vadisi movie.

The reason of increasing violent behaviors os students is some television programs. It's hard to disagree with this idea according to the results of the questionnare.

Twenty four people has participated the questionnaire. Ten respondant agreed the situation. Three of them strongly agreed with this idea. Four respondants disagreed with this idea.

Seven respondant do not prefer to answer.

a) Ð--ok fazla yalan iÐ*erdiği ve Ð*ocukları kцtÑŒ etkilediği iÐ*in yayından kaldırılmalı.

b) Ð--ocukların bÑŒyÑŒkler gibi aşkı, flцrtleri olması Ð*ocukların cinsel gelişimi aÐ*ısından zararlı.

c) Ð--ocukların bÑŒyÑŒkler gibi aşkı, flцrtleri olması Ð*ocukların cinsel gelişimi aÐ*ısından yararlı.

d) Ð--ocukların hayal gÑŒcÑŒnÑŒ geliştirdiği iÐ*in benzer dizilerin de Ð*ekilmesi yararlı olur.

Answers at fourteenth question at my questionnaire does not brace my hypotesis.

As you can see "Sihirli Annem"(a serial movie for children) doesn't affect children badly converssely



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