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Bus 5112 Marketing Management - Hewlett Packard

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Essay Preview: Bus 5112 Marketing Management - Hewlett Packard

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BUS 5112 Marketing Management


University of the People



 The product in Discussion Assignment is the educational degrees offered by University of the People (UoPeople). We are going to create a well-tested model of buyer behavior known as the stimulus-response model on the educational products offered by UoPeople.

[pic 1]

[pic 2][pic 3]

[pic 4]


[pic 5]

In the above model, marketing and other stimuli enter the customers “black box” and produce some buyer response. The marketing stimuli by the UoPeople’s educational degree offering has four elements namely product, price, promotion and place. This is simple the 4Ps marketing mix. The product is the bachelor and master degrees and price is the affordable examination fee only. The promotion is simply the university official website and social media links. The place is the cyberspace and internet.

Other stimuli such as economic, social and technological may influence the decision making process. The economic stimuli could be the high tuition fee charged by other land-based and online universities leading customers to look for affordable study opportunity. The social stimulus is the increasing acceptance of degrees obtained through online distance learning. The technological stimulus is the acceleration of broadband speed in the past decades and the widespread availability of affordable laptop. This leads to the delivery of an entire degree online possible.


 The reason why individual purchase a degree study from UoPeople is to obtain the benefits that the purchase will deliver. Therefore, the features of the product degree programs must match with the benefits. The bachelor and master degree by UoPeople have features like fully online diploma, affordable and study of practical computing skills which benefits individual student who are the consumer.

They are likely to make purchase decision through external sources such as advertisement source, web page and word of mouth from friends who are undergoing the UoPeople degree study. Then the consumer is likely to form the UoPeople in his consideration set which might include other options from competitors such as University of London International Programmes and other online institutions. The consumer may adopt multi-attribute model and provide weights to each attributes to evaluate the UoPeople products. The attributes are likely to be quality of the degree, UoPeople brand name and price of the degree program.

Since the degrees by UoPeople are online products and 5 intakes per academic year, consumers are likely to buy the products every 2-3 months.


 It is might be hard to visualize who is the organizational buyer of UoPeople’s products but we can treat industry leaders such as Hewlett Packard (HP) as potential buyer or partnership. The HP is the world largest technology companies and it is a sophisticated organization that is legally formed with a group of people working for a certain purpose.



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