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Brand Loyalty

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As consumers we know what we like and why we buy certain things. We may buy something cause of the price alone, or the color or the fact that we just prefer that brand. Brand loyalty is everywhere in our economy from single consumers to business who buy in bulk. We buy shoes, cars, clothes, electronics, and food and at least half of what we purchase based on brand loyalty. I myself have loyalty towards certain brand products that I use throughout the day. The brand that I have chosen to discuss further is AVEENO. AVEENO is the leader in natural ingredient products such as makeup and also other skincare products. I have been using Aveeno brand products for about 5 years now since I tried some of my mothers, and will continue to use their products. I will analyze how I became loyal to the brand and am still loyal. I will also go into types of strategies the brand has use over the years to keep appealing to consumers.

I have been using the AVEENO brand for a few years now. The using of this brand by me developed after I borrowed some skin moisturizer from my mom, I had run out of my kind and she was kind enough to let me borrow some of hers. Anyway from that point on I tried many different AVEENO products. I slowly became loyal to the Aveeno name, tried a few products and found them all to work wonderfully. One of the main factors of my loyalty to the brand is the fact that all of their products use natural ingredients that are not harsh or damaging to the skin or body. I have sensitive skin and have had some difficulty finding lotion or even makeup that didn't affect my skin. Once I used Aveeno my skin felt great and looked better than ever. My son's pediatrician has also recommended Aveeno anti-itch products to relieve the itch from chicken pox and for winter dry skin. They do not test on animals which is always a good thing. The main factors of my loyalty are the fact that the products do not leave an oily feel to my skin, the naturally help to moisturize the body, and that their products are worth the price you pay. No matter what product that you buy from AVENNO all of them are guaranteed to be from natural ingredients, help to moisturize the skin, and keep your skin looking beautiful.

For over 60 years the AVEENO brand has had to use different strategies in order to keep current consumers of their products as well attract additional potential consumers. Back when the company began in 1945 they introduced the Soothing Bath Treatment. This natural bath additive contained 100% colloidal oatmeal, known for its ability to hold in moisture and relieve dry, irritated skin developed by the Musher Brothers with the Mayo Clinic, which later became the brands first customer of the bath additive. This began the introduction of the AVEENO brand into the consumer



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