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Boardman Management Group

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Boardman Management Group

There are a variety of tools that Boardman Management Group (BMG) can use for measuring quality and customer satisfaction for Baderman Island. These tools also can be interchangeable. These tools are for example:

* Cause and Effect Diagrams

* Scatter Diagrams

* Graph and Control (Run) Charts

* Histograms

* Pareto Charts

* Check Sheets

* Stratification

According to (Richard F. Gerson, Ph. D.) the above listed tools are the seven "basic" tools for measuring quality.

Baderman Island can make use of Cause & Effect Diagrams for determining all possible causes for a certain effect and as a first step in problem solving through a well thought out list of possible causes. The Cause and Effect diagram looks like the skeleton of a fish and is also referred to as the fishbone diagram. The fishbone diagram could be used with the products and also a service provided.

The Scatter Diagram will be done by a graph which will include two quantitative variables of a multidimensional data set and displaying the data by collection of points with each on a horizontal and vertical axis. The Scatter Diagram will help search for root causes of the identified problem. According to (Six Sigma) a scatter diagram the pattern of intersecting points can show relationship patterns and is used often to approve or disapprove cause-and-effect relationships.

The Graph and Control (Run) Charts will display data in a time sequence and show the performance of a business process. This chart will also show a visual form of different sizes of numerical quantities. The Graph and Control (Run) Charts statistically determines upper and lower limits and is a collection of data points plotted on a graph according to time.

The Histograms is a vertical bar graph that will show numerical information and frequency of distribution of continuous data and will allow for a range of data. The Histogram also will show the deviations from the norm and can measure the frequency to which something occurs.

The Pareto chart will be a vertical bar graph that will show problems in quality and customer satisfaction by the frequency of occurrences and (BMG) will be able to solve problems in order of importance. The Pareto Chart is a measurement tool based on characteristics of product, process, or service. The 80-20 rule applies with the Pareto chart meaning 80% of the problems occur from 20% of the causes.

Checks Sheets will be used for knowing how many times poor quality events



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