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Organization Behavor - Managing Groups and Teams

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Essay Preview: Organization Behavor - Managing Groups and Teams

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Braodrick Patrick

Dr. Bud Hamilton

Organization Behavior


Group Evaluation Form/ Integration Paper

Subtopic 1: Managing Groups and Teams

Subbullet 1: Forming

We specifically looked for teammates who had great communication skills and teammates, who tend to participate and interact within class discussion, we felt as if our teammates had these qualities, that is would be easier to share leadership reasonability’s. Throughout this experience everyone seemed to be on the same page towards completing the task and their duties, along with the things that we discussed in our group meetings.

Subbullet 2: Norming

Throughout our group project development, we made many decisions towards the structure of our team and how we would carry out each task. First, we arranged all our meetings a week to two days early. Then we decided as a group on what time would be best for everyone. By doing this we made it far for everyone to voice their opinions, but also allowed each member to participate in making group decisions. We all played a role in the group project decision making and task completion.

Subtopic 2: Barriers to Effective Teams

In our group we really dint have any communication problems. I would say we related better because we all shared the same belief and had the same ideas as for as the direction we wanted the project should go in. although we did have a problem when one of our teammates wifi went out, and we had to communicated on what to say threw the phone, in which she directed us on what she wonted to say in the power point.

2. SECOND TOPIC: Communication

Subbullet 1 (Group Messaging):

We mostly resolved some of our issues and concerns in the group message, in which it was our number 1 component towards communication. In our group message we discussed meeting times and duties.

Subbullet 2: (In person):

We set up a date and time in which we could all meet up. We mostly meet up stairs in the tupelo computer room and went over what we had talked about in our group message



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