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Blade Runner Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Blade Runner Movie Review

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Jake Jones

Mr. Manier

June 4, 2019

P.E.E.L Paragraphs

Throughout the movie, “Blade runner” there were many motifs that were reoccurring in the film. The significance of them may have a deeper understanding and meaning then we know. I chose the unicorns that were being shown through the film as a symbol of the unknown. Blade runner is a film that shows a lot of things that could be possible, or are so far from it, that it makes you think anything is possible. The unicorns are showing the unknown in parts of the film in a way to understand that this movie is not relatable to real life, and that it is it’s own unique story.

Blade Runner also offered the viewer many different themes that they could have picked up throughout the movie. The one that I picked up was the natural of good and evil. Characters within the movie make critical decisions based on what they think is right or wrong, sometimes not based on what they are told to do. For example, at the end of the movie Rick Deckard was supposed to kill the girl robot, but decided against it because of his morals. He loved her and decided that love was great then duty, or good was better then evil. This proves the point of what the theme of this movie was about. It makes the viewer look at life and have decisions they make be based on what they feel, not how someone else of a higher power feels.



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