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Bead Bar

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Based on the needs of the Bead Bar, I would recommend the Enterprise Database Management System, Oracle 10g. This database will allow the Bead Bar to manage data storage, transform data into information, provide security, allow multiuser access, data warehousing and data mining.

Meredith (President and Owner) will be able to identify trends of the company by using the data warehouse feature of Oracle, however, the cost of data warehousing could be in the millions of dollars to implement and support. Suzanne (VP of Studios) will be able to schedule and manage employees and keep track of inventory by using a relationship model database. Mitch (VP of Bead Bar on Board) would be able to use a flat file model database, which works like a spreadsheet, to keep track of his sales leads. Julia (Chief Financial Officer) will be able to keep a record of all the company transactions, as well as creating financial statements and performing audits. Miriam (VP of Marketing and Sales) would be able to use data mining to find out the purchasing trends of their customers. Rachel (VP of Operations and Purchasing) would be able to use a hierarchical database to track the inventory of the entire company and set the database order items automatically when they are running low. Finally, Jim (Director of Human Resources) will be able to track employee information. Training the employees to use the database systems will be very extensive and expensive, but will be worth it in the end. In regards to hiring a Database Administrator, Jim will need to consider these things before he sets a salary for full time or part time employment. Oracle Database 10g introduces a sophisticated self-managing database that automatically monitors, adapts, and fixes itself (Kumar, 2003). According to Kumar (2003), 55% of a Database AdministratorпÑ--Ð...s time is spent managing databases. Oracle 10g will eliminate most of the managing time associated with the database.




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