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An Extended Family – Life at the Fire Station

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Essay Preview: An Extended Family – Life at the Fire Station

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An extended FAMILY – Life at the Fire Station

There are currently more than 17,000 BFP personnel nationwide, still a far cry to the ideal 45,000 firefighter to population ratio. The BFP in collaboration of DILG and CSC, is taking steps to augment its workforce and to fulfill the standard 1:2000 firefighter-to-population ratio.

Region XI has a shortage of 1,536 fireman to cater the existing population. As of December 31, 2014, BFP-Davao has a total of 841 personnel composed of 29 commissioned officers, 790 non-commissioned officers and 22 non-uniformed personnel.

In the Philippine setting, an undermanned fire station is a frequent sight. Hence, every firefighter is considered to be a commodity and an integral part of a fire station.

So what’s life in the fire station? Well, like any other organization it relies on the collaborative efforts of all its stakeholders. Due to insufficient manpower, we are honed to be multi-skilled and flexible. If you are a firefighter you are expected to be good not only in the craft of firefighting but also in many things such as human and public relations, administrative and clerical works.  Aside from these very pertinent skills, we are also taught to be always vigilant and alert for any emergencies that might occur especially during graveyard hours.

Just like in a family, a fire station works in a hierarchy where command responsibility is strictly observed. Discipline and decorum was always being emphasized in the station. That’s what separates us from civilians. It’s an everyday process being repeated in our minds that as public servants, we are accountable to the people. In the Fire House, we always observe rules and regulations and follow protocol. In terms of customer service, the clients are our most valued treasures, therefore we were taught to address them with utmost respect, promptness and sincerity. Cleanliness in the station was also strictly monitored for it reflects our image as uniformed professionals.



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