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Baptists And Bootleggers

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1.) The Baptists are the environmental groups that want to promote the goods of wind power that will benefit the environment and hopefully create a cleaner future. When the Baptists were helping the bootleggers they were doing so because they had religious beliefs and the bootleggers could help the Baptists with their situation. The Bootleggers in this article are the energy companies that see that there could be a large amount of profit made with the use wind power. During prohibition, the bootleggers did not necessarily care about the religious factors of why the Baptists were helping them. With the Baptist helping the bootleggers, it created higher prices of booze which gained more profit for the bootleggers. The alliance that has been produced with the situation regarding wind power can be related to the Baptist-Bootlegger alliance. The environmental groups are acting as the Baptists in this situation because they are acting upon faith and passion while the energy companies are acting as the Bootleggers by seeking profit gain with the help of the environmental groups.

2.) There are two criticisms that the European Branch of the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers have regarding the subsidies given to wind power. The first criticism is that “the subsidies given to wind power are not helping wind power become more competitive with fossil fuelsвЂ"all they do is "simply guarantee revenues over an extensive period" to wind power companies with money taken from taxpayers.” They feel that it does not help the wind industry perfect its technology. Instead, it seems “more like a free taxpayer-subsidized lunch for well-connected entrepreneurs.” The second criticism the IFIEC makes is that the European companies have to pay more for electricity which translates into higher energy costs for European firms. This makes Europeans worry that these extra costs put their companies



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