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Baptist Church Visit

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I decided to go to a Baptist Church here in Miami. The reason that I chose Coral Park Baptist Church was because most Baptist Churches that I called here in Miami had the service in Spanish but Coral Park Baptist had an English service as well. I went to the eleven o'clock service on Sunday. The whole church itself was pretty big. There is the main temple that has the regular service in Spanish and then there is a whole other building that has separate classrooms where the English service is held and other Sunday school type classes are held.

There were not as many people in the English service as there were in the Spanish service because the Spanish service is the focal point of the church. In the English service there were about 40 people present. Everyone that was there was dressed normal. Normal meaning a polo style shirt or a long sleeve shirt with nice pants for the men and the women were also dressed with semi-formal clothes. Even the preacher was dressed in semi-formal clothes.

The image that I saw the most while my visit was the cross but the cross did not have Jesus on it. It was just the cross by itself. The scriptures that were read came from the bible. They provided me with a bible there so I could follow along with any of the passages that were read. There were no symbols on the bible. The title of the bible read, "The Holy Bible". There weren't a lot of images during the service that caught my eye. The only one that I really noticed was the cross without Jesus on it.

During the service there was a lot of prayer. When the service started it began with prayer, during the service there were moments of prayer, and the service ended with prayer. Something that I found very entertaining was the form of worship that they used which was singing. They sang a lot of different songs that worshiped God. You could tell who went to church a lot because they knew all the songs by heart. For those like me that didn't know the songs, the words were projected on to the wall so you could sing along with everyone else. There was also a live band that played the music to sing to. This part of the service was really entertaining to me and I really enjoyed it.

Another part of the



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