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St. John Baptist De Lasalle

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My life is not that different with St. John Baptist De LaSalle's life. Like him I was born with a family that is noble and in the upper-class of the society. Since my family is righteous, I have received an excellent development in my life from them. Like De LaSalle who was born with an aristocratic family and had an early training with priesthood life. My inspiration and sources of joy is of course from God and my Family because not for them I may not be studying in this school. I have many ambitions in life not likely same as De LaSalle's ambition but still helping others is my priority. De LaSalle is the eldest son so his family is expecting more from him, unlike me I am in the middle of four brothers and sisters but still my parents is expecting much from me. I am a very approachable person maybe like De LaSalle since he has many friends. Maybe like De LaSalle I am very friendly and approachable. The society where I am now is a lot different compared to the society where De LaSalle lived. The society now is more civilized and educated unlike in De LaSalle's time but still that did not stop him from helping poor children to study.

I Feel De LaSalle would want us to continue what he started like what is happening now, giving good education to children, especially to poor children. For the students studying in all De LaSalle schools St. John Baptist De LaSalle would want us to study hard and put God in our hearts always.

The next time I see the FaÐ*ade of De LaSalle University I will surely remember the hardship that came to De LaSalle's life before achieving his position now and I will surely be encouraged to study hard and follow his footsteps.



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