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I think that in society today that there most of the issues that have to do with women have been resolved, but what about the word attraction between people of the opposite sex. I believe that in society that women are displayed as the ones being the selectors when it comes to men. I believe that women are the ones in society that select the men to be the provider when I believe it should be the man who selects the women and decides weather or not she should be the carrier of his baby or babies and decides to pass his genes on to her. I think that in a relationship between two people that the women is starting to be the one that is the more controlling of the relation ship when it should be the man that is the controller or it should be balanced in a way.

Attraction isn't a choice though. I think that when a man interacts with women enough for her to form an opinion of him and isn't attracted to him there is nothing he can do a bout it, but if she forms an opinion about him and does become attracted to him then there's nothing she can do about it. I believe that society has created a way for women to live so they won't be stereotyped example "sluts." I believe if a women is attracted to a man that they should be able to have sex without the social programming that they have been raised with to get in the way but society has created a thing where women will be treated different if they have sex outside of marriage by people such as their close friends and family.

When a man first starts to interact with a women society has created a thing where the women keeps control of her man but not letting him interact with other women. So they get to the point where they start dating and finally decide to marry. When the man and the women decide to marry the man becomes the provider and the women usually live off the man. Now in the more modern world women are starting to provide for themselves. But 10% of women actually



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