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Apple - Diverse Enormous Audience

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Essay Preview: Apple - Diverse Enormous Audience

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Aurora Bucaj

Journal 4


The way how apple managed to thrive over these years is beyond perfect, even- though they felt the struggles of it, we as an audience were always left on the shadow- to only see their success.

 The question always falls as to how they managed to target such a diverse enormous audience, because its customers do not follow only on one segmentation, rather than their marketing strategy was more of a- undifferentiated but yet concentrated on different groups based on which type of segmentation they were approaching.

As according to their achievement so far and the target audience, their segmentation doesn’t fall solely on one type, rather it is a mixture of Geographic- meaning that they focused more on technologically developed countries, afterwards, demographic- they targeted young people- but their strategy was that targeting the young generation would benefit them with the much older generations as well- because the youngsters would play this intermediary role- of influencing their older family members- so by focusing on the young generation they were actually focusing on all ages. As for the psychographic- their main focus was on people who valued products that were higher in price- but even through this they tried to increase the perception value of the customer- trying to make them believe that they got more in value than what they paid for.

After creating this kind of idea as to who their targeted audience was, the next step was getting these people together through their segmentation. One of them was intermarket segmentation-which is forming segments of customers who have similar needs and buying behaviors but whom are located in different parts of the world. Therefor, rather than targeting them just by their location, they tried to connect them even by their buying behaviors so that they could easily know the behavioral reactions of such customers towards their current products, or futuristic ones.



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