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Essay Preview: Anorexia

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Natasha X. Ojeda Caro                                                GEEN:1203

Prof. Victor R. Quiñones Guerra                Tue & Thurs. 10:00- 11:20am



Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by self-starvation, unrealistic fear of weight gain, and conspicuous distortion of body image according to the encyclopedia of children health. The anorexic patient experiences intense fear of weight gain even though it diminishes more and could be a very dangerous state. This mental illness occurs by many reasons and one of the most popular is the influence imposed by stereotypes such like commercial, cultural, social, economic etc. Establishing a need for acceptance in which we make it critical for our life. This malnutrition produce changes, symptoms and disorders like anxiety, depression, sadness that can also finish in death or suicide. Is a delusional problem thinking that anorexia is the solution for today, defending this erroneous belief doing everything possible to fit in the world; When we have an actual fact which is that food is one of the basic needs of all living things also because it is closely linked to its origins, customs, traditions and the way of life.

We create a discrimination and rejection to the fat people that towards to a certain of fear for the persons who are growing mostly the adolescents. The most prevalent feature in a hundred percent of this people is the fear. There is no actual definitive cure, there are treatment such as psychological, psychiatric or hypnosis but many times you not get to anything because depends mainly in the patient because this disorder is becoming a habit and for the same is so difficult to leave. Face the fear in this mental problem involves both the physical and the emotional. Some of the steps are being back to a healthy weight, start eating more food and change this delusion of what you think about yourself and food. Not face this illness fear can lead to a big problem that is associated a lot with anorexia is a high state of sadness that in some cases can lead to a depression. Having Anorexia is not just being skinny is feeling helpless, full of sadness every day wanting to die with the fixed idea that can lead to suicide as an only recourse to overcome. Healing of this problem is more than regaining weight removing the disease involves laugh again, regain the desire to study, work, project, and live with the risks. Regain self-confidence to understand that the capacity will only require courage. Anorexia disease causes changes in the behavior even though it can be fatal not taking the necessary precautions where many people affected do not die but they not been able to recover. This a disease caused by oneself to look good physically which has an important role which society discriminates and leads people to take this tough decision. We need to break this delusion of being skinny is fabulous creating this eating disorder that can take us to life with fear and sadness not only physically but also mentally.



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