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Essay Preview: Anorexia

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Peer Review for Contrast Paragraph

For Neilly

Outline for Peer Review

Contrast Paragraph

"My Life Before and After..."

Format (5 points)

* Is the paragraph double spaced?

Yes, paper fulfills requirement.

* Is the paragraph typed in Times New Roman, 12 font?

Yes, paper fulfills requirement.

* Is it written in "paragraph form"?

Yes, paper fulfills requirement.

* Did the student include his/her name and the title, "Contrast Paragraph", in the upper right-hand corner?

.Yes, paper fulfills requirement.

Organization (50 points)

* Are there 20 sentences?

No, has eighteen sentences.

* Did the student follow the assigned paragraph format?


Sentence 1: Topic sentence? Yes

Sentence 2: Point one/Subject One? Both were stated

Sentences 3 and 4: Two details about point one/subject one? Both were stated

Sentence 5: Point one/Subject Two? Yes

Sentences 6 and 7: Two details about point one/subject two? Yes, the author does include two detail sentences

Sentence 8: Point Two/Subject One? Yes, he provided a point and subject

Sentences 9 and 10: Two details about point two/subject one? he did provide two details and point.

Sentence 11: Point Two/Subject Two? He gave point two and subject two, he followed the format and didn't go off topic.

Sentences 12 and 13: Two details about point two/subject two? He has both points and subject.

Sentence 14: Point Three/Subject One? he gave a point and subject and there were some points that could of been left out.

Sentences 15 and 16: Two details about point one? he's proovided two details of point one "before and after"

Sentence 17: Point Three/Subject Two? Contrast paragraph is good. he speaks on how it was hard to adjust to america's lifestyle.

Sentences 18 and 19: Two details about point three/subject two? he just need to add more details on here points.

Sentence 20: Concluding statement? concluding statement was present

Does the topic sentence



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