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Essay Preview: Anorexia

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Often times you hear radio programs and TV commercials talking about how thin are in. Have you ever herd someone says that obesity is in? Yes obesity is unhealthy but so is anorxia. It has become one of the biggest problems facing teenage girls today. It is also become popular with teenage boys.

Anorexia is a condition that makes people believe that they are to fat and in order to correct that they starve themselves. Most people with they condition do not know we to stop so they continue starving themselves until it becomes harmful. Also, most people that are anorexic are not fat it is just the way they see themselves.

There are shows on now like Americas next top model, which says if you are 5'8 and 135lbs. you are plus sized. There are also shows on like the biggest looser. What kind of image is society sending with shows out that only say as a society we need to loose weight. Even the show extreme make over gives liposuction. There was one show were they told a man it was to dangerous to give him a make over, he needed to lose weight first. The man lose 32lbs. and then got his make over the sad thing was his 32lbs. was not enough. He also got liposuction.

I am so tired of seeing actresses and entertainers talking about how they have to lose weight to compare with there compotation. Oprah for example, never had to lose a pound and still would be the richest women in America. Instead she listened to society telling her that she was to big and out and started her weight lose program just like the rest and the entertainers and now you can not consider Ophra a big girl.

I once had a class mate who had anorexia, as part of her rehab she had to teach the class what she went through. She said, when she would look in the mirror all she would she is fat. That no matter how much weight she lose it was not enough. For some reason people seem to think that



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