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Advertisement & Promotion

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Company’s History:

The firm was founded in September 1982 as a joint venture between the government of Pakistan and Suzuki Motor Japan formalizing the arrangement by which Awami Auto Ltd. had produced the Suzuki SS80 from 1982.

 Suzuki originally owned 25% of the stock, and has gradually increased their holding; they now own 73.09%..

 Pak-Suzuki was a joint venture between the semi-governmental Pakistan Automobile Corporation (PACO), who had earlier overseen local assembly from kits. Pak Suzuki is the market leader in Pakistan Automobile Market by having more than 60% (December, 2011) of market share.

 Lacking serious competition, Pak Suzuki has had a market share of more than 50% since its inception and has complete monopoly in the small car segment.

Apart from giving automobile related services like Suzuki Finance and Suzuki Insurance, Pak Suzuki also deals in Pak Suzuki Certified Used Cars.

Product’s History:

With success stories in countries across the globe, the new Suzuki Swift has embarked its journey in Pakistan.

 From the very beginning of the new Swift’s development program, a dedicated team of Suzuki designers and engineers collaborated extensively with automotive professionals and motoring enthusiasts in pursuit of Suzuki’s best compact car ever.

 Suzuki on track of its radical program of innovation, to reaffirm and strengthen Suzuki’s position as a leader and innovator in compact car segment and to yield vehicles that embody unique position of company being market leader in automobile industry of Pakistan.

Competitors of Suzuki Swift:

In Pakistani automobile industry there are two big competitors of Suzuki, they are Toyota and Honda. They are assembling products with extra features which Suzuki is not producing.



Engine Capacity


City  MT/AT

1.3 L


FIT Japanese

1.3 L


Corolla XLI /GLI

1.3 L


Vitz Japanese

1.0/1.3 L

Competitive Edge:

Suzuki is competing on the basis of low price cars, good resale value and availability of cheap spare parts across the country.

Creative Mix:

Creative mix takes an in depth looks at the value of growing your passion and finding new ways to connect and share with like-minded people as a way to grow your business.

Market Segmentation:


  • People who are living in Urban Areas of Pakistan.

Major Cities are Lahore, Karachi, Twin cities, Peshawar and Faisalabad.


  • People under the age group of 25-45 years.
  • Belongs to upper middle, upper and upper uppers (i-e B+, A and A+)class.
  • Have Small Family.


People who want to look young in their professional life.


People who have positive attitude towards product and who are searching maximum benefits from their product.

Target Market:

  • People who are living in urban areas, have positive attitude and high adaptability for change, belonging to high income group and wants to look younger than their age is our target customers.
  • People who are sensitive about the maintenance of their vehicles.

Product Concept:

  • The concept of Suzuki swift is Comfortable, Versatile and fun to drive.
  • A car which have a power and performance of a big capacity car, so that one can enjoy the drive.

Advertising Message:

  • Our advertising message is based on problem/solution concept.

In Pakistan we see that people buy cars but they got sick with their maintenance expenses. That’s why we focus on the low maintenance cost of our product as advertising message.


Film opens with a boy around 25 years old who runs up to his father who is watching TV on a Sunday morning, the son is scared of talking to his father about the incident that has taken place so he hesitates in the beginning and says in a scary voice



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