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Acts Intro

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Book Introduction – Acts Mr. McCaulley


th Grade Bible

Writer: Luke

The first verse refers to an earlier writing to the same individual, that being Theophilus.

While his name is not mentioned in either book, it was someone who was acquainted firsthand

with some of Paul’s activities (16:10-17; 20:5-28:31).

Time and Place of Writing: During Paul’s First Imprisonment, from Rome

The historical record ends with Paul being imprisoned in Rome for 2 years. Paul was set

free after those two years and traveled for a few more years visiting churches he had founded. It

is safe to assume that it would be before the burning of Rome (64), the first Roman persecution

(64-67), the Jewish rebellion against Rome (66), and the destruction of Jerusalem (70).

Purpose for Writing, What Caused Him to Write This Book:

1. To confirm Theophilus in the faith. Luke needed to continue the story of Jesus

for him so he would continue to grow in his faith.

2. To convey the geographical outreach of the gospel.

3. To document the numerical growth of Christianity.

4. To show that the gospel is for everyone, not just the Jew.

Distinctive Features:

1. Acts bridges the gap between the Gospels and the Epistles, providing much of the




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