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Aboriginal Community

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My community portfolio is based on Indigenous Australian in the Blacktown region in New South Wales. Blacktown City is located in Sydney's western suburbs. The Darug tribe before European settlement previously inhabited the city of Blacktown. This is supported by archeological evidence that have been discovered along the creeks in the area. (Kohen J 1993).

Also the community portfolio assignment broadens my knowledge on the current crisis in Indigenous Australians health and other matters, which need more funding and research. I have chosen a PowerPoint presentation to represent the information I have collected based on the Indigenous population in the Blacktown area.

I have chosen the community of Blacktown as firstly I have been living in the area for a number of years. Secondly in the future I would like to be employed in the region as I have knowledge on the improvements that has been going on in the region and areas, which need addressing. After completing the community portfolio I believe it will benefit the Blacktown region because as an allied health student the information understood will help me achieve more and contribute effectively in the future for matters which concern Indigenous Australians.

The aim of the community portfolio is to understand the impact of cultural change on Indigenous Australians. Also the portfolio will help students to see different perspectives on different issues and ultimately have their own perspective.

The information need to complete the community portfolio on the Blacktown region was collected using the Blacktown councils website, traveling to Blacktown council building, data from various organsitaions which provide reliable statistics such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and asking for brochures. Also primary interview skills were used to ask questions on the culture of indigenous Australians.

In 2001, Blacktown City was home to 6,093 persons of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, comprising 2.4% of the total population. (ABS 2002, Population Characteristics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 2001)

Councils today play a significant role in the social, economic and environmental



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