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A View From The Warzone

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Children have been tragic victims of armed conflict throughout history, like the baby who has no family. The abuse they suffer leaves physical and emotional scars that last a life-time leaving them asking the questions: who is their friend, who is their foe, and who they trust? How miserable to think this disagrees Rizal's saying that the youth is our hope in the future. I pity the baby; although I cannot

feel the real pain of this suffering, as if I was struck by a sword of sorrow. The baby's situation isn't the life intended for him/her and even the other refugees. They were just affected by the war of the government and LTTE. If I were one of the authorities, I would demand to give justice to them. I can't imagine the level of violence they had suffered, including rape, mutilation, ethnic cleansing and outright genocide. Especially the children, who were not supposed to be influenced by the fighting of insurgents, at a young age, they're already witnesses to this brutality. I wonder what on earth is it that many officials and even citizens do not care for their fellow humans. The government of Sri Lanka and LTTE, as said in the essay, are criminally responsible for everything they destroyed-lives, building, livelihood etc. Both sides are blaming each other for the violence. I know that this would not help them to achieve their goals; they had just caused degradation in their society.

Virtually the whole world has repeated several times in recent weeks that there can be no military solution to the island's ethnic problem. In a different way, I admire Mr. Bike Repair for his direct and meaningful answer on how to solve this problem. Same with Sharif Aabdullah, I believe that the solution to this war is in the hands of the people residing. For instance, the government has concern to the refugees' lives and finally ended the war, the guerilla would feel tired



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