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A Mixed Society

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and the surplus produce of the land. Marx a while later after the world has industrialized somewhat says that this causes too much of a social and economic gap in our society and social classes of society. Marx says that these two kinds of people will in essence define our society because of the power that the bourgeois will have. All exchanges will go through them and they will in effect make all the rules. Smith says that the money exchange will be between the working class and the upper class because we all need each other and we benefit from each other. The bourgeoisie need the proletarians to do all the labor so they can have all the wealth that they have. Marx suggests that the black smith and the tailor and all the other working class will be working for the bourgeoisie therefore they just call upon them when needed. He also states that the proletariat will eventually be of no use to the factory owner and their employers due to the machines that are being built to take over there jobs. So the fact of the matter is Marx says that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. As shown by today's society that is not true because of the many jobs that machines are simply incapable of doing. For example, how many times have you hung up the phone when it is a machine calling you with advertisements? I am sure it is a little harder when it is another person on the end. So people receive much more respect from other people than do machines. You can not respect a machine because it is just a thing. Machines can not be doctors, office managers, they don't have feelings. There are millions of jobs that need human labor. The different times these two men wrote their articles mean that there should be a different way of living and an altered approach on life. Especially in the time these articles were written there were some rapid changes in the development of the society we have today.



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