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A Journey to Happiness

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As a kid growing up, I always dreamed of having a job. A job that is challenging and a job that I would enjoy. However, as we experience early adulthood and begin working full time, we come to realize there's going to be jobs that we enjoy and find challenging, and there's going to be jobs that we can't stomach or find passion for whatsoever. I’ve only had two jobs in my entire life, both the complete opposite of each other. My first job was repetitive and unchallenging, leading me to heavily dislike it. I loved my second one, however, because it proved to be challenging and made me enjoy it every day.

I didn’t start my first job until Senior High. It’s probably typical for a person just entering the workforce in my age group. I worked at a little restaurant, Eros Cafe, as a server. I worked here for about 12 months, and my job was to take peoples orders, provide excellent customer service, and make sure there food was brought to them in a timely matter and that they were satisfied with the service. As time went on of me doing this job i became very frustrated and disinterested in it for a few reasons.

For one everyday was the same, same long 8 hour shifts and just the same work, everynight felt the same,i literally just could not find any new challenges about simply taking orders for people’s food and than bringing them there food when it was cooked. on top of that even my fellow coworkers just became annoying because it was always the same complaining about the same thing everyday, and i really just found no new challenges working in this job. There were even some nights where you would have a unsatisfied customers and no matter what you did nothing would change it others for that customer, and that to would add to the frustration of my dislike of being a server at eros cafe. I thought to myself after a year what job could i get that would offer me new challenged, something different once and a while and not the same repetitive thing everyday. So after a year i decided to move on from it, and i finished up high school and decided to work at a new



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