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A Good Community Comes with Unity

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Zhaojiang He

Professor Mills

English 1A-7


A Good Community Comes with Unity

     Society is a gigantic map with countless scattered communities, like family, neighborhood and schools. People spend their whole life walking through this treasure map. Some communities, like countries, become stronger, outlast other countries. It is their unity that defines the level of development of the communities. Some key members play an active role with their contributions. Others may make their decision to break away, to reject activities of the community. As for me, a quarrel with my class advisor gave me a chance to make a difference from being an outlier to a key member, which taught me that a good community comes with unity.

     My last high school sports meeting was an unforgettable experience. It was an annual mandatory meeting that every class had to choose their own athletes as their representatives. Then, the rest of people should take their responsibilities to set up their tents for spectators along the track of the field. Everyone got his own work. However, there was an embarrassing phenomenon that not all the blanks in the sign-up form got filled in every year.

Here came the problem. There was a great percentage of fully signing up in the total point of a class. If all the games are not fully signed up my class advisor will compel someone to sign up the game directly. Unfortunately, I was the lucky one to be chosen as a participant in the 1500-meter running race. It was a so tiring and challenging race that mostly no one wants to sign up. When I heard his arrangement, I felt sad and almost got mad while others were laughing at me.

At the very first beginning, I refused his suggestion and tried to excuse myself. It was awful that he said it was his arrangement, not a suggestion. There were no other options for me at all. I came up with an idea that if I lost my temper, he might pick another guy as the participant. But if I have done that I would get into a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. What would people think about me? A coward? No, I just did not feel like running, especially a choking long run. That feeling would be like torture to me.

     However, I guessed the best solution was to take this as a challenge. I tried to make a training plan for myself. According to my plan, I would run 1500-meter every day after school in the following four days and run up to 2000-meter after that four days so as not to embarrass myself on the track. I thought it was such a good plan as long as I would stick to it.

     On my first day of training, I found it quite difficult to run the total 1500-meter at a high speed unquestionably. I felt like wearing heavy Ironman suit running, but the battery died. I had to learn how to adjust my breath and my cadence in order to keep energetic and confident.



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