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A Boy Scout Trick

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A Boy Scout Trick

The short story A Boy Scout Trickis about a camping trip of a family of three in a valley which results dreadful consequences.

The father mr. Barkley goes with his son Roy in a valley looking for nice views. After a while they see a railway and an overhanging rock. Both try to reach there. As they reach, the father uses a trick from a boy called Scout. He puts his ear on rails to hear if any train sound comes. Suddenly a Thunder hits the valley which causes rock falling. Roy´s leg sticks in a hollow between rock and rail. While the father tries to help his son, they hear a train sound coming towards them.

Part 2:

Mr. Barkley makes a decision to run up the line in order to stop the train. But he is not sure if he runs in the right direction. He struggles with strenuous run up and curves but nevertheless he doesn´t stop. After some time he sees an engine appears. He waves to stop it. A short while later the train stops and the railwaymen get Roy out of the hollow. They take him at the camping site. After reaching the camping site mr. Barkley ( Tells his wife a Scout boy trick helped him to save Roy´s life) / (doesn´t want to tell his wife how blindly he had to choose between life or death of their son but he tells her how he used a trick from a boy called Scout.)    

The short story "A Boy Scout Trick" is about a dramatic development on a camping trip.
A family of three sleep at a camp site in a small valley. The next morning, the father and son decide to go fishing and hike through the valley along a river by the side of a railway line. After some time they decide to walk on the train tracks and the father shows his son how to listen for oncoming trains by putting an ear to the rails. A short while later, an overhanging rock falls onto the tracks, trapping the boy's leg under it. All attempts at getting the leg out from under the rock fail and then a train can be heard approaching. 



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